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Residential systems

EPD consultants designs alternative wastewater treatment systems for homes where traditional systems - a septic tank discharging to a leech field or to seepage pits - don't work.

EPD designs systems to meet the needs of
a small lot
a large home
a site with poor drainage
a site with high groundwater
a home on a beach or other waterfront
High-quality effluent from systems we design can be used for landscape irrigation where allowed by local regulations





Commercial systems




Civil and Enviromental Engineering





EPD Construction Inc.

California License 838432:
* Bonded & Insured
* C-42 Septic Contractors
* C-36 Plumbing Contractors
* B General Contractors

* Turnkey Onsite Wastewater (Septic) Systems
* Onsite Wastewater System Inspection and Repair
* Manufacturer-Certified Onsite Wastewater System Maintenance